Popular subreddit, r/AskReddit gives users the opportunity to ask a large audience any question. In this instance deaf and hard of hearing redditors were asked “What’s something you didn’t think made a sound until someone told you?” Here are the results.

  1. The joys of parenting!

“I remember people saying it must be really quiet in my house because my son is deaf. Nope. When he was little he had no sense of noise and slammed doors, smashed toys together, laughed incredibly loudly.”

  1. The sound of silence

“I thought whispering was just moving your mouth to words, like watching a video with no sound. But now I love to whisper.”

  1. A bit of toilet humour

“My mom never knew that toilet paper made a sound when it is torn off the roll.”

  1. A purrfect realization

“One girl didn't know the vibrating her cat did made noise. Thought he was just shaking or something.”

  1. We all enjoy a good tweet

“Birds. The day I put my hearing aids on the thing that shocked and pleased me the most were the birds outside. So many different chirping sounds. It was like a movie! I was so amazed and moved. My friends were like ‘Yea dude, that happens all the time. Its kind of annoying.’ I thought it was beautiful.”

  1. Splashing!

“Water hitting sidewalks and puddles makes the weirdest sound.”

  1. Popping that corn

“I babysat a child both before and after cochlear implants. She was mesmerized the first time she heard popcorn popping. It was wonderful.”

  1. Why does it always rain on me?

“There was actually a ton of things that made noise and were much louder than I had expected. When the air turns on in a room, how loud cars are, RAIN, oh man the rain is many things.”

  1. Virtual noise

“My boyfriend is deaf in one ear so I bought him a gaming headset for his Xbox One hoping it would help him pick up on the sounds better. I came home from work shortly after he got them and found him logged on to Destiny and making his character jump up and down in a puddle. He had no idea that the character’s footsteps made noise before getting the headset and he thought it was just amazing.”

  1. Enjoying the bubbles

“Not me, but my son. He was three when we found out he needed ear tubes. As soon as we finished with the day surgery and recovery, we went back to my vehicle, and I opened a can of diet coke. Right away he asked "what's that sound mama?" He was talking about the bubbles in my can of pop.”

  1. Click, click

“The turn signal in the car. Had no idea it clicked!”

  1. Well behaved cats

“My boyfriend is deaf. He is convinced that his cats don't make any noise at night (when he has his hearing aids out). Considering the ruckus that wakes me up at 3am, his cats do indeed make noise.”

  1. Public Conversations

“People in noisy environments. I don't talk much in noisy environments because I can't hear much, and I presumed that's why other people didn't talk much in noisy environments. Turns out they were talking.”

  1. Traffic noise is unbearable

“I had to walk next to a highway immediately after getting my hearing aid for the first time. Trucks are so goddamn loud.”

  1. Being eaten by the bath monster

“After I got hearing aids in (at around 7), I remember being terrified of the bath suddenly. I'd never heard water going down the plug before, and I guess thought there was some kind of growly gurgly spluttering child-eating drain monster down there.”


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