6 Things Disability Services Officers Are Tired Of Hearing

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There are so many great parts to being a disability services officer. It's a great feeling knowing you've been able to provide the best accessibility options for a student. But sometimes convincing people about the importance of accessibility for a student can be the hardest part of the job. Here's our top 5 things disability services officers are tired of hearing!


1. "Can’t the deaf student just listen to the lecture online later?"

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2. "I organised a braille text book for your deaf student."

robin hood forcing hands ontop of head and rollin ghis eyes back from the amount of frustrations.gif


3. "But won’t the interpreter distract the other students?"

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4. "We will need to get a sign language interpreter for the blind student!"

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5. "If the student has a note taker, won't that be unfair to the other students?" 

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6. Can't they just lipread?

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Let us know if you have any more to add.



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