There's a fair amount of creative license when making captions, which can lead to some really weird and wonderful stuff. Check out these seven hilarious captions - and decide for yourself if they are genius or gibberish.

1. It can be difficult to know how to caption sounds. Still, we've never seen this before.


Screenshot of TV show Scrubs. Caption says [MAKES "I DON'T KNOW" SOUND]


2. Leslie Knope fans can imagine this sound. The rest of us probably can't.




3. [LOOKS AT NACHOS] isn't a sound and doesn't need to be captioned. That being said, it makes the caption way funnier.




4. There's only one way to fix a bow tie.




5. Captions like these make us grateful that we watch shows with the captions turned on.




6. We really don't know what to make of this one.




7. Captions are definitely not necessary in this scenario.




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