Ai-Media Opens Toronto Office



Ai-Media Opens Toronto Office 


On Tuesday, November 21st, Ai-Media celebrated the opening of its first Canadian office.

In the Xchange space of Brightlane, 3 floors below the office itself, members of the Ai-Media Canada board and team welcomed their guests, which included students, teachers and staff from Ontario universities and colleges, and members of the Canadian broadcasting industry.

Board Chair Alison Loat was MC for the evening, and formalities kicked off with a speech by CEO Tony Abrahams, outlining the history of Ai-Media and the company’s vision for the future in North America. Ai-Live captions were featured throughout the evening, and after an impromptu demonstration by recent graduate and Toronto team member Jeremy Keeble, attendees were invited to try their hand at re-speaking, with some rather impressive results! A transcript of the event is available here.

Ai-Media offers access solutions including Captioning and Transcription services, Audio DescriptionVisible Classroom, Simple Text, and Facebook Live. 

The Q&A evolved into a general discussion of accessibility in Canada. We owe a particular thanks to Darren Cooper and Heather Willis from Ryerson University for sharing their well-informed opinions on shifting trends in accessibility services. 

Check out the photos and video of the night.

CEO Tony Abrahams talking to a group of three A group of people sitting in a row of seats listening
A female and male looking at a computer screena smiling male looking at a laptop screen wearing a headset with a microphone


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