Australian Deaf Games 2016 - Closing Ceremony Transcript

Ai-Media was the official captioning provider and sponsor of the the Australian Deaf Games 2016. The Games was a spectacular 1 week event which came to a close with a closing ceremony last Saturday. Each and every one of the athletes put their best performance and displayed true sportsmanship. We can't wait to see them again in the next Deaf Games which has already been announced. It will be held in Wodonga (Victoria) an area that has great sporting facilities and has been chosen as one of the host cities for the 18th Australian Deaf Games which will commence on January 20th 2018. It will attract more than 1000 competitors and contributing an estimated $3 million to the local community. Deaf Sports Australia General Manager Garry West-Bail, "We were impressed by the passion and commitment shown by Albury City and Wodonga Council to hold a world-class sporting event that will truly be a community games."

The Deaf Games is held every four years, but it is now being held every two years so that it will pave a pathway for athletes to enter international competitions such as the Asia Pacific Deaf Games and Deaflympics.

View the photos from the Australian Deaf Games 2016 below.

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Last day video highlights
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Read more news on the Australian Deaf Games 2016 here.

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