Video: 4 Awesome Deaf-Owned Businesses

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Video Transcript: 4 Awesome Deaf-Owned Businesses

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WOMAN 1: The idea came to me from my husband's mother, who would always make crepes. Friends would come over, and his mother would make crepes for them. When they were out, they begged her to make more. After studying various recipes and practicing, I invited my friends over to try them. They all said, "Yes, yes, yes." We had our debut at the homecoming for Texas School for the Deaf. And we grew so fast! And the hearing community too. I can't believe it!

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MAN 1: I used to go to the Post Office box on the way home everyday, and when I opened it, there was no mail in there... Or when I'd find a small card for a package notification, the post office would be closed. It wasn't until last year that we decided to establish this business. We get your mail, and then we scan them. There are really various possibilities, many needs out there to fulfill.

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WOMAN 2: There are different products and crafts from all over the world and they're very unique. Things you've never seen before. I hand select artists and I'm actually an artist myself. I design the jewelry, and it's where I belong. I've immersed and one thing led to another and so I started an online business.

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MAN 2: Really, to make a long story short... I worked on the side with race cars. My grandfather taught me about cars when I was four. I was fascinated with Hot Wheels. I wanted to learn and get involved, but he said I had to sweep first. So that's what I did. Years later, my grandfather passed away and I have been a mechanic for 23 years. This gives me an opportunity to work on my goal, of expanding my business. The Deaf environment in the shop is incredible. If you have any questions, ask the wrench. It will always tell you the answer.

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