Video: Accessible communication is vital in health care

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Video Transcript: Accessible communication is vital in health care.

KYLE DECARLO: Hello! My name is Kyle DeCarlo. I’m the Managing Founder of the Deaf Health Initiative - DHI for short.

TITLE: What is the Deaf Health Initiative?

Really, DHI’s goal is to improve the hospital experience for deaf and hard-of-hearing patients. Our organization has workshops for medical students and medical professionals to educate them on how to best care and communicate with deaf patients.

TITLE: Can you tell us about the new surgical mask?

KYLE DECARLO: Yes! Our partner recently received FDA-approval for a new see-through surgical mask. The goal of the mask is to improve communication when sign language interpreters aren’t available for deaf patients.

TITLE: Where can people learn more about DHI?

KYLE DECARLO: If you want to learn more about DHI - our workshops, or the new see-through surgical mask, you can follow us on Facebook!


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