Video: Clever invention to assist Deaf patients

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Video Transcript: Clever invention to assist Deaf patients.

DR ANNE MCINTOSH: Hi, I am Dr. Anne McIntosh. I want to tell a story about what happened to me and how I created a new medical product that will help all people, whether they're hearing, deaf, late-deafened, hard of hearing - it doesn't matter. Awhile back, my husband and I decided to start a family. We were excited about the new baby. The time came when we needed to go to the hospital to have the baby. We went there and waited and waited for a long time.

Twenty five hours and still no baby delivered. The doctor said he'd decided we needed to have a C-section. We said, "Fine." We went into the OR to have the baby. That moment in time is when my life changed. I could not understand what the doctor or nurses or my husband were talking about, because they were all garbed up head to foot in surgical garb, including a mask. I could not lip-read. I could not follow the conversation of what was happening. I could not understand what was happening. When that was finished, mom and baby were fine. My daughter has grown up and she is wonderful. I reflected and decided that was an awful situation. A lot could have gone wrong.

So, I thought you need to have a mask that you can see through. So you can lip-read and understand what is happening. Deaf people need to see their interpreters so they can understand what the interpreters are saying. Right now, I have a solution! A clear mask that you can see through. Wonderful. FDA approved. Doctors and nurses in the OR want this mask. Deaf patients can request a mask that they can lip-read and understand. Wonderful. We want all people to understand and know about this product. It helps with the dentist, medical doctor offices, hospitals. This is wonderful. Thank you.

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