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Video Transcript: Customer service should always be accessible

ZACH: Hello, everyone. I want to just rant my feelings... I bought Bluetooth wireless earbuds so when I go out with friends, I'll be able to enjoy my music. However, they weren't loud enough for me to hear them. So I tried to take them back to customer service and waited in line. Finally, I was called. The woman was a customer service manager and she said, "Yes, we can accept your return." Until the machine printed an error message saying that I had to call a number to be able to process this return. I told her that I am deaf. She replied by writing a message, I'll show you.

TEXT: "Call number, to find out why we can't return your earbuds!"

TEXT: "I am deaf, so that's an obvious barrier." After she said that, she scribbled a line under "Call number."

ZACH: I had to tell her twice that I am deaf. She said, "You need to call this number!" That's when I shouted at her face, "Ma'am, I am deaf!" Everyone in the room looked at me. A male stranger stepped in and told the manager, "He is deaf, that means he cannot hear. Why are you still telling him to call this number, if he cannot hear?" The manager replied, "Well, we can't call for him because he's deaf, and that isn't our problem." A customer service manager said that to my face and the stranger looked at the manager in disgust and shock. The stranger offered to buy the earbuds, to which I declined. He still insisted. It's amazing how the manager treated me like that. I think that's discrimination. I'm curious about your opinions, thank you, everyone.

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