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Video Transcript: Signing songs brings us closer together

PHILILE: Hello, my name is Philile. My sign name is Philile. I am from South Africa. I have a Deaf brother and I'm a teacher. Before, I taught in St Vincent School for the Deaf in Johannesburg for four years. Then afterwards I moved here in Germany. I miss interpreting, signing with my friends. And the only way to contact them is by phone. So sometimes we send each other videos. Or sometimes I will share my favourite song and I will interpret it.

Why? Some of my friends are hard of hearing and they enjoy this and say, "Oh, wow, wow!" And I came to the idea that maybe I can interpret more. And I told one friend here in Germany - he said to me, "Yes! It's a good - "it's a good idea! You must do it. "I will help you with videoing, come, come." I was like, "What?! Really? OK..." And it began like that. We did first a video and now the second. I'm enjoying it. I'm enjoying it! I enjoy his videos - the way he's doing it and when I see it, I'm like, "Wow!" I'm surprised myself. Why I want to continue to do this... First, I want to carry on signing and keeping interpreting. And sharing some of the beautiful songs and giving back to the community of the Deaf people, who may maybe enjoy music. And I'm open to have different ideas, that would be given, of things I can do maybe to improve things, maybe... To change. So please, give me your feedback, your ideas, both positive and negative, they all can help me grow and be better in my signing. Why? I want to not to forget sign language, I want - don't want to think about it, I want do it and I want it to be part of my language. My language. Thank you for watching.

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