Video: Top 3 Vintage Sign Language Ads

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Video Transcript: Top 3 Vintage Sign Language Ads

Ad 1 - Oreos

MOM: Wait, watch me first. First, twist it. Second, like it. Then put it together and dip it in the milk. Now you eat it.

BOY: But I want to eat it like Daddy.

MOM: What do you mean, you want to eat it like Daddy?


Ad 2 - McDonald's

TIM: Surf's up, Lisa.

LISA: You know it's exam time.

TIM: Can't you smell the sea air?

LISA: Cut it out.

TIM: We could stop at McDonald's for a Big Mac, Fries and an icy Coke.

LISA: I'll get my bike. Tim, you have a way with words.

Ad 3 - Kelloggs

VOICEOVER: Introducing a cereal from Kellogg's...

WOMAN: Pardon-moi, can I be excused? Nothing but flakes? Gag me. OK, OK, OK. Hello, Tina. Is anybody home? These taste good! Crunchy! Simple flakes. Wow.

VOICEOVER: Kellogg's Cornflakes.

WOMAN: Kellogg's Cornflakes? Psych!


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