Today is the seventh annual World Autism Awareness Day and Ai-Media is proud to be working closely with international autism expert and consultant Eileen Hopkins in providing modified Ai-Live captions to accommodate those with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Several studies indicate that students with ASD have difficulties processing and responding to auditory information. Problems occur when a person with ASD hears speech sounds but does not perceive the meaning of those sounds. Experts recommend approaches where information can be received visually.

Ai-Live captions are delivered to any web-enabled device providing the student with ASD with a single point of focus and a consistent method of content delivery. The modified captions aim to minimise processing difficulties experienced by those with ASD by editing the spoken words into simplified captions. Double meanings, metaphorical and figurative speech, and irrelevant information are removed. Instructions are broken down into single sentences where each sentence contains a single idea.

Ai-Media continues to work with Ms Hopkins to support learning and improve access for people with ASD and take another step towards ending the experience of social, educational and vocational exclusion for all people with a disability.

Ms Hopkins was Director of Development and Outreach for The National Autistic Society in the UK for 16 years until 2006 and was a Special Adviser in Autism Policy and Practice for UK autism charity Autistica. She currently consults to The Shirley Foundation and autism organisations in the UK and internationally, including Ai-Media. Ms Hopkins has also worked on a resolution on “Comprehensive and Coordinated Efforts for the Management of Autism Spectrum Disorders” adopted by the WHO Executive Board in 2013.

For more information on Ai-Live captions for people with ASD email

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