We believe every piece of content should be accessible. Captions are incredibly important in making video content accessible for people who are Deaf and hard of hearing. But did you know that captions are also used in a lot of other situations too? Check out these funny situations where people use captions that you may never have thought of!


Everyone else is being too loud.

If you have siblings, you'll know that no matter how many times you ask them, sometimes they just won't be quiet! Even if you're watching your favourite show, some people just don't care how loud they are being. The best option is to turn on those captions, and never miss a thing!



In a work meeting

Sometimes you just can't wait and you need to watch the latest Game of Thrones episode as soon as it's released! And that might mean attending a meeting at work, but not really being "present". Captions mean you can watch your favourite show while pretending you're thoroughly listening to your colleague discuss finance.



You're in the bathroom.

Don't lie, we've all done it. Sometimes you're taking some time out for yourself and the only place you can truly get some peace is in the bathroom with your phone. But you can't let people know you're in there watching Netflix! Turn the sound down and turn those captions on.



Public transport

Maybe you left your earphones at home, or you just don't want your loved ones to know that you're obsessed with the latest season of The Bachelor, so you watch it on the train/bus to work. No need to worry about those other commuters seeing what you're watching, if you have the captions on, then everyone can enjoy!



At the pub

Ever planned drinks with a friend only to realise that it's the final of  the World Curling Championships on the same night? Not to fear! Find a pub or bar that's showing the game, make sure the captions are turned on and you can hit two birds with one stone! Pretend you're deeply invested in your friend's story about their recent trip to Italy, while also watching Sweden take home the gold.





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