Let’s face it - hosting an event, conference or seminar is expensive. Really expensive. You’ve got costs for the venue (plus all the charges they add on), audio-visual technicians, catering, staff expenses, informational materials, marketing costs and more!

Live captions provide many benefits to your event. Live captions not only make the event accessible to people who are deaf or hard of hearing, they also provide clarity for people who are not native English speakers, and provide everyone a chance to catch anything they may have missed.

While live captioning is a huge benefit to your event, it is also a cost that you’ll need to fit into your budget. So you’ll need to get thrifty if you don’t want to break your budget (especially if you’re holding a free event). Luckily for you, we’ve got 5 ways that you can help fund live captioning support for delegates who are deaf or hard of hearing.

  1. Crowdfunding

Everyone’s doing it nowadays. Go set up a page on GoFundMe, send it to your delegates and ask them for a contribution to help support any delegates who require live captions. You can also post this on your social media accounts and call for followers to support this cause.

  1. Sell the transcript

After your event, we'll send you a transcript of the live captions. This will provide a written record of the presentations, and is quite an asset to have. As the client, the transcript is yours! You can decide to provide this to delegates free of charge, or you can charge a nominal fee to purchase the transcript.

  1. Lock down some sponsors

Many events have sponsors whose logos will appear on promotional material and the event website, as well as garnering thanks at the event. You can either add another sponsor to the roster and use the additional funds to pay for live captioning, or you can bring on an accessibility sponsor whose funds will go directly towards supporting people with disabilities at your event.

  1. Add a couple of dollars to the price

If your event is a paid one then add a couple of dollars (or pounds or euros) to the price. This won’t affect how prospective delegates view the value of the event but will allow you to put this additional budget towards live captioning.

  1. Get really creative!

There are so many ways for you to raise the funds to make your event accessible to people who are deaf or hard of hearing! We've even thought of a few creative ideas for you:

  • Hire a professional barista to make superb-quality coffees available for purchase by your delegates! I guarantee you that they’re going to be seeking a coffee anyway. Why can’t it be your coffee that they buy?
  • Hold a raffle! Have sponsors provide some prizes, and sell raffle tickets to delegates for a chance to win the prizes.
  • Mobile hot dog vendor! If baseball games can do it, why can’t you? Who wouldn’t want a hot dog during the conference?
  • Event merchandise. People love event merchandise.



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