The power of confidence is a key essential throughout our daily life; whether it's to plan our daily schedules or preparing yourself for the semester ahead. So whether you're a high school, or university student you'll find these tips helpful!


Listed below are six quick tips on how to boost your confidence today, tomorrow and for the rest of semester!

1. Be organised

Studies show smart organisational skills is the road to success.It is essential for Students' to be very organised and prepared for each lecture. This includes completing all necessary homework as well as additional readings which will help build your knowledge and confidence in each subject. Remember to list any question throughout your study so these can be raised once you attend your lectures. By doing so, you will confidently engage in the classroom and be able to provide logical questions and hopefully create discussion.

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2. Attend all classes

The more present you are, the more you will feel confident in your studies. It is common for students to not attend every lecture and often drift off later in the semester. However, this never works in their favour. Students who don’t attend all necessary classes will miss out on the relevant content to succeed. Give yourself the opportunity to grow and overcome all the doubts you ever had for yourself.

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3. Start small

A great way to overcome some fears within your studies is to start with the small things. Simply as speaking to your lecturer or close friend about your concerns or worries will help improve your confidence. These trustworthy individuals will be able to help direct and reassure your doubts, worries and concerns. In doing so, you will begin to feel more secure in knowing you’re on the right path to succeed throughout your studies.


4. Keep smiling! 

Smiling is much more than an expression, it transmits a subconscious message to your body and ignites the sense of happiness. View this great talk on the power of smiling by Ron Gutman. You might discover another perspective on the concept of why we all need to smile.

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5. Reward yourself

Goal setting is important for every individual as its plays as a self motivator. Create a list on your own realistic goals. Start off with small achievable tasks and add more and more challenging goals for yourself. You’ll never know where it may lead you. You may even surprise yourself.


“Confidence is a practice and a skill. It’s not a personality trait. Everyone has the ability to be confident in any given situation with the right mindset and practice.”- unknown

6. Cover your bases

The more you stay on top of your studies, the more you prevent undue stress and anxiety. The main source of stress for students isn't the threat of failure, but rather what they are unaware of. Deadlines, confusing topics and random assignments can build on anxiety as a fear of the unknown envelopes you. 


This is easy to remedy. Watching lectures, reading transcripts, or arranging class transcripts can come in handy to ensure you have all the content throughout the semester. It also helps to make a calendar of all assessment and assignment dates so nothing sneaks up on you!


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