It's that time of year again! Everyone is preparing for the holiday season and writing their wish lists. Imagine if you could have all your wishes for work fulfilled as well! Here's 7 things on our Accessibility Services Wish List.


1. No budget constraints

Now this is probably something on everyone's list! There are just too many occasions where the only reason a student can't be provided with the right accessibility options is because of budget constraints.



2. Student confidence booster

We'd love to see students feeling more comfortable about coming forward with their needs and requirements when they first start out at university. This would mean that adequate support can be put in place for them right from the start and prevent students from falling behind academically because of a lack of access.



3. Cooperative lecturers 

Imagine if there were more lecturers that understood that lecture capture and live captioning technology isn't being used to spy on them but rather is there to provide equal access to their students. (This is a surprisingly frequent response when lecture capture and live captioning are first introduced).



4. Honest student feedback

It would be great if students felt comfortable providing honest feedback about services. Too often students say 'it was fine' because they think that's what you want to hear. We want to know! Otherwise we can't work out what service is best for them. 

just being honest.gif


5. Infinite number of interpreters

Sign language interpreters and notetakers can be hard to find as there aren't enough of them in supply, and there's a shortfall in new ones being trained too. It would be great to have an infinite supply!

please please.gif


6. A time machine

The start of the new academic year is always ridiculously busy. Imagine being able to go back and have more time to organize accessibility for each student! Sounds like a great deal, as long as there's no tears in the space-time continuum. 

back to the future.gif


7. A clone

Google, how do I make a clone of myself? Imagine all the extra work you could get done!

homer simpson clones.gif


What's on your wish list?



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