EdTech innovation leader, Ai-Media, today announced the integration of its world-leading captioning and transcription services with  Mediasite Enterprise Video Platform by Sonic Foundry, Inc. (NASDAQ: SOFO), the trusted global leader for video creation and management solutions in education, business and government.

The patented Mediasite Enterprise Video Platform provides the most automated, end-to-end platform for creating, publishing, searching and managing enterprise video. The integration between Ai-Media and Mediasite automates the entire process of submitting videos for captioning, and the return delivery of transcripts and caption files once the videos are processed. The solution streamlines the process, saving time and costs as well as making the video content searchable.

“Video is everywhere, and it’s imperative to pinpoint information within seconds by offering innovative search solutions. We’re excited to partner with Ai-Media to integrate its cutting-edge captioning and transcription services with Mediasite, ensuring users receive accurate video search results and save immeasurable time,” said Rob Lipps, Executive VP, Sonic Foundry.

“We’re seeing an ever increasing amount of content being made accessible by our university customers all over the world.” said Tony Abrahams, CEO, Ai-Media. “We’re delighted to integrate with Mediasite allowing our customers to effortlessly add closed captions to any piece of recorded content.”

Read the full Media Release.

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