Ai-Media has announced a successful financial outcome for UK social investment fund, Nesta Impact Investments, which is continuing to support Ai-Media’s UK expansion.

Nesta, which seeks to invest in life-changing innovations, provided funding for Ai-Media’s UK growth in mid-2014, with the aim of transforming the classroom experience for many young people with learning difficulties and enable teachers to improve their effectiveness.

Ai-Media’s Co-founder and CEO, Tony Abrahams said that Ai-Media has now repaid Nesta’s short-term funding support. He said: “We are delighted to have delivered Nesta a successful financial outcome, as we continue our work to achieve our social impact targets with Ai-Live and Visible Classroom.”

Isabel Newman from Nesta said: “We are proud to have supported Ai-Media’s growth in the UK, and will continue to use our skills, networks and resources to support this social venture to deliver on its mission, in the years to come.”

Read the full Media Release.

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