CHRIS MORTON: The story I'm going to tell you is called 'The Baby Lion and the Mountain Lions'. One day a baby lion woke up in the middle of the night and decided to go explore the area. And before he knew it, he was lost. He couldn't find his family. Wandering around, crying. And not too far was a mother and three mountain lions. The three baby mountain lions ran, ran, ran and found the lost lion and instead of attacking, they all got along and were playing and wrestling around, having fun. After everything that was going on, the mother decided since he was lost, maybe she should take care of the lion as well.

That lion grew up relying not on strength like a lion, but on speed, like a mountain lion. Relying on climbing trees skillfully, like a mountain lion. And he did not learn how to roar, like a mountain lion. He grew up and grew up and grew up living less than what he was supposed to be. And one day they all went together exploring for food. They stopped at the sound of a loud roar. The lion looked up and saw a lion up there - big, hair. It looked like a beast, a king. And he looked at the mountain lions and asked them, "Who's that?" And the mountain lions all scared, told him to run, run. "That is the king of the kingdom. "They roar so loud, they're so strong and they're dangerous. "You don't want to mess with them. "You grew up with us. You belong with us. "And you will never be more than what we are, like them." The mountain lion... The lion looked up and said, "Oh." And believed them.

He grew up and grew up, even though he felt different, he looked different and he had a voice inside his head telling him he was worth more than what he thought and was meant for something greater. His 'family' of mountain lions told him he was nothing more than what they were. And he grew up and died as a mountain lion, even though he was an actual lion.

That's a story and the point of the story is: how many times are we going to go ahead and believe people that tell us that we are not capable of more than we think? We believe what people say or seek for people's approval. We want people to be happy with our decisions and if they don't approve, we don't go ahead and do what we want. Why are we relying on approval? Why can't we just go ahead and do what we want whether we have approval or not? It's not about what people think, feel and see in you. It's about your passion, your heart, your ability to sacrifice and let go of negative people in your life. If you want something, you have to go for it. You know you are capable of more than you think. You know... You don't... You're not supposed to be where you are. You know you want more. Go for it.

The biggest question is, when will you wake up? When will you finally wake up and say, you know what, I know what I want and I don't need your approval. Ask yourself what you want. Ask yourself if you're willing to put your heart up there for it. Ask yourself if you are willing to sacrifice your life for it. Ask yourself, are you willing to let go of negative people in your life for your dream, your goal? Whether with family or friends or not. When will you wake up?

Hey everyone. My name is Chris. My sign name is Salt. Why? My last name is Morton. Morton salt. Anyway, I had a video called 'Why I'm Loud' posted. I just wanted to tell everyone. Thank you for your support. Thank you for your comments and I will always respond as much as possible if you need to contact me. Go ahead and email me or send me a message or find me on Instagram. Thank you.

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