It's important to think about why you're asking someone how much they can hear. Jessica explains how it makes her feel.



Hello. I'm Jessica and I'm a Deaf YouTuber. Now, one of the questions that I get asked the most, I mean, far more than any other question on my channel is how deaf are you, what can you hear.

I understand a little. I make videos that talk about being deaf and what that's like living being deaf, what it's like living with a disability. Okay, okay, I understand. However, what is the grand importance of knowing how much I can hear? Also, and maybe this is just me, but when people ask me how much I can hear, to me it sort of slightly feels like the same as if they had asked what colour underwear are you wearing. I can't really say why it feels that way.

It just feels very, very personal. Also, I think it reminds me of what can't you see. It's a question that there really is no answer to. I can't give a perfect answer because I'm not really sure what to compare it to anymore. Yes, I went deaf when I was 15, so there were things that I heard beforehand but I'm not sure how I can compare that now. And it feels a little intrusive. As if they're asking me because they just want that ability to judge. They're basically asking are you deaf enough. Enough for what?

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