Daniel Abrahams

1 min read

One Simple Trick to Boost the Reach and Engagement of your Videos

Before we share our secrets, watch the video. It's totally worth it.

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Why Designing for Accessibility Helps Everyone

When Congress passed The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) in 1990...

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What Does A11Y Mean?

Don't let the combination of letters and numbers scare you. The term "...

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Ai-Media explains GDPR data protection

What is GDPR? GDPR data protection means that EU citizens have the rig...

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SRT File - What Is It and How to Create One

What are SRT files? A file with the .SRT extension is one of the most ...

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Closed Captioning Solution for Broadcasters using Facebook Live

Live video captioning service to provide real-time captions for Facebo...