The rise of the digital age has made it easier to access, consume and exchange information. For those in professional careers, finding more efficient, effective, and accessible ways to communicate and learn information should be a priority.  With audio-based media, one useful tool that guarantees ease of accessibility are transcripts. Whether you’re a doctor, lawyer, journalist or business executive, transcripts can have a surprisingly positive impact on your daily routines while also improving your career performance.


Today, these services are easier to use than ever.. Gone are the days of typing out audio word by word; Transcription tools and services allow for the manual or automatic transcription of audio files accurately and quickly.


Check out some of the ways that transcripts can improve your career performance:  

Provides a record

Keeping track of interviews, meetings and conferences can be difficult. Transcribing these interactions provides a first-hand, hard copy account, which can be easily referred to at any time. This is especially useful for journalists, lawyers and doctors.


You also ensure that the information being received is more accurate through transcription, because it is being documented directly from the source. As a professional, official records come in handy during periodic investigations, or potential administrative issues. Being prepared is an excellent sign of professionalism.


Review yourself

Reading back your performance during interviews, cross-examinations, meetings, or even patient sessions provides the opportunity for an in-depth analysis for self improvement. For example, a journalist would benefit from an interview transcript not only to access the content to write their article, but also to assess their own interviewing technique and performance. Did you interrupt? Did you conduct the interview in a professional manner? Did you ask all the questions you wanted to? All these questions can be answered through a physical transcript of the interview.


Makes deadlines easier

Manually transcribing videos and audio you produce can be time-consuming. Professions involving law and journalism involve quick turnaround times for investigations, analysis, and other work. Producing legal transcripts can be very time consuming. You can access your content with the help of a transcription service by simply uploading your video or audio files to a transcription site and they are then transcribed for you quickly and accurately, saving you time to complete other important tasks.


Cost efficient

Enlisting the help of a freelance or full-time transcriber is often very expensive. However, there are several cost-efficient alternatives, including free transcription tools which allow you to take control over your own work, or online transcription services which cost as little as $1 per minute.


Transcription services

If you prefer manually transcribing your own work, there are a variety of free online transcription tools which are available. These include;



OTranscribe can be used straight out of your web browser and is an easy and simple tool for transcription. It lets you control the audio player and text editor on the same web page. OTranscribe allows you to control everything through your keyboard, from transcribing, to rewinding the audio, and placing timestamps. 


The FTW Transcriber

The FTW Transcriber is a downloadable transcription software that has features such as automatic timestamps and high quality audio playback. The FTW Transcriber can also be used on Android smartphones and tablets, allowing users to transcribe anywhere, not just at their desktop.

Or, if you’re stuck for time, for a small price there are online transcription services available at the click of a button. One of these services is, which offers fast and high-quality transcription and captioning for only $1 per minute. The process is as simple as uploading any audio or video files which need to be transcribed, and you’ll then receive excellent quality files directly back to your inbox.


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