Close to 250 deaf, hard of hearing and hearing children from the Shepparton area ( VIC ) took to the oval at Guthrie Street Primary School last week, to try their hand at cricket, soccer and AFL.
The day was organised as part of the Active Deaf Kids (ADK) program, an initiative of Deaf Sports Australia, and was designed to encourage deaf and hard of hearing school children to be active.

The kids had the chance to be taught by Australian deaf Basketball Player, Irena Farinacci, who has represented Australia at the Deaflympics and World Deaf Basketball Championships, as well as The Goannas Vice Captain, Sam Cartledge and Hannah Britton, who just competed in the World Deaf Swimming Championships in Texas.

Deaf Students Sports 1


ACTIVE KIDS - Hannah Britton, who just competed in the World Deaf Swimming Championships in Texas talking with 250 local deaf, hearing impaired and hearing children, at the Active Deaf Kids program held at Guthrie Street Primary School last week.

Irena said, “The Active Deaf Kids program allows deaf children to express themselves through sport.
“It’s a great opportunity to introduce them to sports they have perhaps not previously played, and to make friends with other local children who are deaf or hard of hearing.”
“Opportunities for deaf children to participate in sport are significantly less than that of hearing children. As a consequence, the incidence of childhood obesity in the deaf community is higher than the national average.”

Credits: The Advisor

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