This year's International Week of the Deaf is set to kick off on September 23. This week celebrates all things deaf culture and promotes the creation of an accessibility in mainstream culture.




In the spirit of the International Week of the Deaf, let's explore Deaf Australia's Deaf Friendly Scheme, and how they're promoting Deaf Friendly businesses and sign language.

What is it?

The Deaf Friendly Scheme is "Deaf Australia's tick of approval for organisations that employ deaf people and are accessible to deaf people".

This is a web of businesses, employers, and employees who network together, seeking to promote practices of accessibility.

If you have employees, or are an employee who can use Australian Sign Language, you can take hold of this unique networking opportunity.


What are the benefits?

The main advantage to any accessible business is the expanded clientele. With greater access to the deaf community, the Deaf Friendly Scheme helps Deaf clients find your services more easily. More and more businesses are now catering to deaf accessibility.

Deaf Australia offers a range of services, promotions and accreditation based on the price range of membership. From certificates, Auslan Reference checks, and even branded advertisement, there are numerous benefits for any business looking to gain membership


Who's involved?

Deaf Australia has a wide range of partners who have signed up to the scheme. These include: 

  • Able AustraliaAble-australia-logo
  • Deaf Society of NSW
  • Communication Republic
  • National Relay Service
  • Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children


How do I join?

Deaf Australia has a variety of membership offers and deals, especially to those who are already proficient in AUSLAN

To qualify, individuals:

  • are an Australian Citizen, or are a permanent resident of Australia,
  • can sign Auslan,
  • are currently working,
  • are deaf, hard of hearing or hearing and want to support Deaf Australia in their important work,
  • want to be a part of the Deaf Friendly Scheme and would like to encourage your employer/organisation to become involved.

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