This is why Deaf awareness is so important. 




DONNA CURTIS: OK, it's me again. This is my first time on Live, so y'all please bear with me, OK? Please share my mother and my step-father's story. I'm gonna explain what happened last night to them. My mother texted me today and told me that her feelings was hurt and I wondered why, so she explained her story.

Last night, a little bit before nine o'clock my mother and my step-father went to the KFC in Byram, Mississippi a little bit before nine o'clock but the door was locked, so they decided to go through the drive-thru. They pulled around to the speaker. My mother heard talking. She said, "I am Deaf. I would like to order, please. "I want to order a 3-piece chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy "and sweet tea." Then they pulled around, waited 'til they got to the window...

When they arrived at the window, the lady at the window realized they were deaf, she put her hand in front of her mouth. In front of her own mouth, so that my mother and my step-father could not understand what she was saying. My mother explained... (voice cracking with emotion) I'm emotional... My mother explained, "I'm Deaf. I can read lips. "I ordered 3-piece chicken, with mashed potatoes, "gravy and a sweet tea. "Can you please remove your hand so that I can communicate with you." The girl did not. She refused to move her hand in front of her mouth so my mother could understand what she said. My mother again explained that she could read lips, that she could not understand what the girl was saying.

So... My mother saw people laughing. She asked the girl, "Are y'all making fun of me?" No-one said anything. No-one said anything. My mother and my step-father had no idea what they were talking about. All they knew was that they were hungry and they wanted to order food, but the employee thought it was funny that they could not hear. She thought it was funny, because all the other people was laughing too. My parents' handicap - they're deaf, but they are NOT dumb. That hurt their feelings. They were discriminated, because they could not hear.

I want everyone to share this live video, so that my parents' story can go out and let everyone know that KFC was wrong. Their employee was wrong. Bless my parents' heart. It's so sad that they can't even get a bite to eat without people judging, because they're deaf. Discrimination is not accepted, no matter if you're hearing, if you're deaf, if you're blind, the color of your skin, it does not matter! Please share this information. I'm sorry. I'm nervous. I'm upset. Let everybody know. My parents did not deserve this. Thank you.

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