JIM BEACH: Hello. I don't know if you can see me alright or not... I have been thinking a lot about my brother today. So I want to share his story with you. Who am I? I am my wife's husband and my kids' father, Jim Beach. This is my name sign... This is the sign for "beach", so just put it with a "J." Well, here we go...


TEXT: Please, let's make the world a better place for...the Deaf. My parents are deaf and so are many of my friends. Growing up wasn't easy, becase we, my brothers and I, couldn't talk well! My oldest brother had a deaf best friend. He always helped my brother through a lot...until...he moved away. Bullies picked on my brother, but he still wanted to play with them. One day he heard that they were going to the river to swim. He asked if he could go. It is believed that the bullies drowned by oldest brother... He was only 8 years old.


JIM BEACH: I love you, Bro!


TEXT: A wonderful woman introduced us to Jesus so we were able to forgive! Since... My "DEAF" parents have done a great job raising my youngest brother and I. Thanks, Mom and Dad. Many have mistreated the deaf and their families and even say they're handicapped. STOP. The deaf succeed in many ways and do face enough challenges that they don't need to add your bullying to their list of challenges!


To my deaf friends... Hold you heads high, because you are beautiful!



Johnny W. Beach

1971 - 1980

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