3D printing will one day have a profound impact on all our daily lives and we're only just starting to realize its potential. 3D printing has also solved many accessibility challenges for people with a disability and can drastically bring down the cost to make them. Check out this list of cool 3D-printed accessible devices already out there.


1. Ring Pull Can Opener

Originally designed for people who have limited mobility in their hands and have difficulty opening cans, this little device is something everyone would find useful!

You can find the Ring Pull Can Opener on MyMiniFactory.


2. Large Zipper Pulls

Small zippers that come on most bags and clothing may be difficult to use for someone who has a disability. These 3D-printed zippers can be easily attached to a smaller zipper tab. This simple, clever device can solve a lot of frustration.

You can find the Large Zipper Pulls on Thingiverse.




3. Portable Ramp For Wheelchairs

Getting up a curb or step can be a daily challenge for someone who uses a wheelchair. Despite many countries having laws that require businesses to be accessible, there are still many that aren't. This single step ramp is a great solution for going to inaccessible venues - and it's portable. 

You can find the Portable Ramp on Thingiverse.




4. Adaptive Device Carousel

This 3D-printed carousel allows people with limited mobility in their hands to pick up items independently. The carousel allows for 6 items to be placed on it. It can be attached to a counter top with a clamp. The carousel rotates so that each device can be easily removed and returned when finished. Check out the brief demo below to see it in use.

You can find the Adaptive Device Carousel on Thingiverse.




5. Wheelchair Cup Holder

This 3D-printed cup holder is designed to attach to a standard wheelchair. The ball socket joint can be printed as short or as long as needed so it can be customized to each user's requirements. How does this not already exist as a permanent fixture on wheelchairs?

You can find the Modular Wheelchair Cup Holder at MyMiniFactory.






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