Before we share our secrets, watch the video. It's totally worth it.

So what's the secret? The answer lies in our Facebook analytics. First, take a look at the video's reach and views.


You can see it reached 51 million people with over 15 million views. But where did these views happen? Take a look below and pay close attention to the data inside the red rectangle.


Did you see what the data says? Here's a summary:

82% of the 15 million views happened with the sound off.

In other words, 7 times more people watched our clip silently than with the sound on. And if you're reading this email on your phone, maybe you're on a train or bus, that stat makes sense. We're consuming more content in public and politely doing it discreetly.

What does this mean for you?

It's simple. Before you upload your next clip to Facebook or YouTube, ask yourself if it's worth 10 minutes of your time to add closed captions so you can reach 7 times more people. And when you've answered that, ask yourself, what are you waiting for?

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