Hi! My name is Jonna and this is Maggie. Maggie was born hard of hearing, she has microtia and atresia, which means that she was born without an ear or an ear canal, and she is wearing her Oticon Ponto hearing aid. It's a bone-anchored hearing aid. But today, Maggie and I want to talk to you about these deadly little hearing aid batteries. People are not aware of the severe consequences that happen when a child swallows these batteries.

In the United States alone, almost 3,000 children a year swallow hearing aid batteries and over 40 children have died. And children that don't die suffer debilitating, life-long affects like permanent tracheotomies.

For the past two years, I have been trying to get as many of these child-proof button battery holders in as many homes as I can. They're free, so if you want one, please comment in the link below. But I urge you to keep your batteries, your spare batteries, in these containers. Because when you buy them at the store, they are not in child-proof containers. When the batteries are done, and they're old, I urge you to put your old ones also in a child-proof container, because deadly batteries are not just fresh ones - the old ones can kill a child too.

And you know, if you were two, this looks a lot like candy, doesn't it? And they don't know any difference. And what happens is the acid inside of the battery erodes their esophagus, so please help me on my mission to prevent any more children from dying from these. And battery makers, Energizer or Duracell, please start selling your batteries in child-resistant packaging. I urge you, please. Thank you.

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