Having kicked off his Australian 'Yoga Of Bass' last week, LA-based DJ FreQ Nasty is currently trialling a new technology for the first time ever in the country which allows deaf people to 'hear' live performances. At all stops of his Aussie tour, Nasty's gigs include a 'Silent Disco for Deaf and Hard of Hearing' which utilise the SubPac audio technology.

Speaking to theMusic, the producer said the SubPac "allows people to experience the physical dimentions of sound, transferring sound vibrations directly to the user’s body." While the technology has been used several times in the Dominian Republic earlier this year, as well as by Californian artist ESKMO, Nasty claims this is a first for Australia. "It’s the first time they have been used in public in Australia," Nasty said. "I toured with one for producing while on the road in Australia last year, but this is the first time we are giving small groups the opportunity to experience the Subpac." If the SubPac proves to be a success, Nasty intends to make the technology a permanent inclusion in his sets.

"I hope to make the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Subpac Disco a feature of all my upcoming FreQ Nasty dj gigs," he said, which includes Thailand's Wonderfruit festival later this month. Various deaf organisations in Australia, including Vicdeaf and The Deaf Society Of NSW have confirmed they are as yet unaware of the new technology. Nasty will wrap up his Australian tour with three performances in Melbourne this weekend, commencing on Friday at Ihana Yoga, followed by shows at the Rubix Warehouse on Saturday and Sunday.

SubPacs Official website.

Credits - TheMusic

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