JIM BEACH: Hello! Hello! Love y'all... What's up? What's up everybody? My Deaf friends and those who speak ASL!

This here is a puzzle... My family and I work collectively to put these pieces together. You know it is important to have family time! It's really important to be together and I cherish family... you know!?And creating memories!

Okay... What's up? Many of you guys have been asking me a bunch of questions. Wait! Hold on! First of all - I shared the story about my dad... He is still alive! Yeah, he's a good man and he's still alive. Some of you have said maybe your dad's spirit moved the rooster... Ha Ha... No no. Some of you said that I need to wave sage around my house. Come on! Some of you say that my brother is watching over me, and taking care of me, through that rooster, by moving it. Yes, I believe he's watching over me... Love you bro... but it's not him. Then some of you said, "Oh your house is haunted! You have ghosts!" No! Ha ha! That's very funny... Very funny! Thank you for all of your comments! Please comment under this video and share what you think of this video.

Anyways... The story I shared about my dad working on his car. Remember, I said called him dumb. His friend grabbed me and said, "Don't call him dumb anymore! Your dad is smart!" Remember that story? If you haven't seen it then scroll down this Ai-Media page. They shared my story. But during that video you all have seen the rooster move behind me and asked, "What's going on?" and asked why.

Okay, so, I expressed my story and I wanted all the world to know not to use the phrase "deaf and dumb" anymore. Don't use that phrase! But, some say that's old news and that people don't say it anymore. However, there are people that still use that phrase! Here's an example...

I was with my dad, and I got mad! A salesman was trying to help my dad sell his car. He was on the phone with his boss, or manager, and said, "Yeah, I have a man here who is deaf and dumb." Oh... I got so mad I begin to push his desk and he freaked out. He said, "I'm sorry!" and then walked out. My dad ended up with a better deal for his car. So, yes, it is still a problem and I want it to stop. So, on purpose, I had the rooster move. That way people would remember this story. Get it? Okay, there is no motor. See? No motor. There was a towel underneath the rooster and my son, standing over there, was hidden and he used a fishing line that was wrapped around the rooster's legs and pulled it, like this. Sorry! Some of you are disappointed! You really wished it was a ghost. Ha ha. It was so much fun with you guys!

Thank you again for all your kind words and support! Just know that I cherish and love my deaf friends! I am a CODA so I cherish the Deaf culture! Alright!? Thank you for watching! Love you all...

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