Australia’s leading producer of broadcast captioning, Ai-Media, today announced its highest independent quality audit result.  The company recorded 99.4% across content on Nine Network Australia for April to June. It is the sixth successive quarterly result over 99%, evaluated on the international NER scale. Nine and Ai-Media also published the "captioning uptime" for the quarter, which comfortably exceeded 99.9%.

Geoff Sparke, Nine Network Australia Head of Broadcast Operations said: "Nine Network Australia places a very high value on quality captioning, and transparency of our record for our viewers. Ai-Media’s integration of the independent audit is an important part of the service to us."

Tony Abrahams, Ai-Media CEO, said "This result further strengthens Ai-Media's world-leading quality record, and is testament to our culture of quality assurance and continuous improvement."

Independent auditor, Mr Robert Scott congratulated both Nine and Ai-Media on the result: "The results this quarter demonstrate the cumulative impact of many changes to systems, technology, workflows and communications over recent quarters."

Mr Scott and Mr Abrahams will separately address the upcoming Live Captioning Forum convened by the Australian Communications and Media Authority on September 15 in Sydney.  Registrations are open to the public at the ACMA website.

Read the full Media Release.

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