Rikki Poynter is launching a campaign based around putting captions on your videos called #NoMoreCraptions.




OK, I don’t know how to sign anything for this video. I know a few things, so we’ll see if I throw that into this video. I’m launching a campaign, right? It’s a closed captioning campaign. Sorry, there’s this ant that keeps trying to climb up myself and it’s bugging me, no pun intended. But, um, ants, bugs, you get it?

So… On September 25th, I want to launch #NoMoreCraptions. Hashtag no more craptions. Ha. That’s the fastest I’ve ever finger-spelled that without messing up. So it would be #NoMoreCraptions… Hashtag. That’s what I want to do. Basically, if you follow me on my YouTube channel you know that as a deaf person myself, I want more captioning on YouTube, on the Internet in general, but because I am a YouTuber I figure, you know, I want to focus on that. So… Fly. So I am trying to set up like this big campaign. I don’t know how big it’s gonna be. It has over 30… The post I’ve made about it on Tumblr to try to promote it to make it happen, has over 3,000 notes on Tumblr right now, which is a lot. I’m hoping to make a video. I will make a video on YouTube about it hopefully this weekend. I want to get it up so that people have some time to make that happen on their own channels. But I’ve, I always talk about having captions on YouTube videos, on Facebook, whatever.

And so what I’m hoping to do is even though I like for this to happen any other day, but specifically for the last Sunday of Deaf Awareness Month, which is like Deaf Awareness Day of the month, I guess, from what I’ve read. I’m hoping to get as many YouTubers as possible, as many vloggers as possible, as many video creators in general, whether you’re on Facebook, or Vimeo, whatever, on Tumblr even. I’m hoping that people can upload a video on September 25th, it doesn’t matter what time as long as it’s up on the 25th on your time zone. Call it No More Craptions, #NoMoreCraptions, and just talk about the importance of captioning. I’m hoping that if I have this all, or if we all do this together on one specific day then it might get the attention and that’s what I’m kind of hoping for. I’ve already mentioned that a bunch of times, but… Yeah, I feel like campaigns are easier to do if they all happen in one day cause then it just gets noticed easier. At least that’s what I’d like to think.

So, really the only rule I have is it must be captioned. If you need help captioning it, I have resources on my YouTube channel. Uh, there’s three ways to caption, there’s a video about the fan contribution captions and subtitles. So, you can get people to help you caption your videos. You don’t have to just do it by yourself if you don’t know how. So come find me and I’ll try to find somebody to caption it. You know, what are you doing? What, what, what are you doing? I think the bug wants to help. It wants to help.
But, yeah, if you all could help me because I’m just one person. It doesn’t matter who sees my video, it doesn’t matter what big, I mean it matters, but it doesn’t… Just one YouTuber or two YouTubers that are really big that have millions of subscribers captioning, it doesn’t fix the whole entire problem. It helps but it’s not, it just doesn’t fix everything. So… I can’t do this all by myself. So if we can, if those of us who are in the deaf community whether it’s little d or big D or hard of hearing, whatever, if you use captions, if we can come together and make this all happen on one day, and yes, hearing people, I’m including you too. I don’t give a damn if you’re hearing or not, I want as many people in this as possible.

We need hearing people to help us out. Most of the YouTubers on YouTube are hearing so, you know, that’s why we need captions, because we can’t understand everything. We don’t always understand everything that happens on YouTube or what’s said on YouTube, you know? So, you don’t even have to be a big creator, I don’t care if you have zero subscribers, I don’t care if you have one subscriber, I don’t care if you have 1,000, 50,000, a million, ten million, we need all the help that we can get. So, September 25th, it’s on a Sunday. Again, I don’t care what time it is, you can upload at midnight, three in the morning, nine in the morning, 2:22 in the afternoon, 3:33 AM if you’re feeling really supernatural… (Laughs) But, yeah, just you know, hopefully, fingers crossed that this campaign will be a success. I’m not expecting it to take over the world. That would be great, but I… I just hope that we can get… At least 100 videos. If we can get 50 to 100 videos then I would be ecstatic. Yeah. So. Yeah… Let’s work together. OK, we’re gonna work, we’re gonna work together. OK? I will see you later. Bye.

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