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How Theatre Live Captioning Works

How Theatre Live Captioning Works Going to the theatre is a great cult...

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What's The Deal With SimCom?

What is SimCom?

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Ai-Media Caption Quality Audit. Two Years Over 99.5%

22 December 2017

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Everything You Need To Know About Audio Description

What is Audio Description? Audio Description (AD) is descriptive audio...

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Deaf Festival 2017 Recap

The Deaf Festival is the largest gathering of the Deaf Community in Sy...

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Integration between Echo360 ALP and Ai-Media

Automate your Echo360 Closed Captioning and Transcriptions Workflow

By admin
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Captioning As A Career Choice


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Sign Language Alphabets From Around The World

Alphabets in Sign Language Most people start their sign language journ...

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How To Edit Automatic Captions On YouTube

YouTube provides auto-generated closed captions for videos uploaded to...

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7 Things Deaf People Want You To Know

Deaf and hard-of-hearing people often experience some pretty strange q...

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5 Ways to Make Videos Accessible to your Students

Your institution’s lecturers have a vast amount of great online conten...

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The Difference Between d/Deaf and Hard of Hearing

You've probably seen numerous terms used to describe a person with hea...

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10 Awesome Accessibility Apps (UPDATED!)

Smartphones and tablets often have a handful of accessibility features...

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Communication Between Deaf People and People who are Blind or have Low Vision

Have you ever wondered how a deaf person and a person who is blind or ...

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5 Funny Ways To Use Captions

We believe every piece of content should be accessible. Captions are i...

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Preparing for university as a student with a disability

Late summer is a busy time for all prospective first year students as ...

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AHEAD 2017 - a wonderful and succesful event

Wow !

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Welcoming Students with an ASD to University

“Students with an ASD (including the old diagnosis of Asperger Syndrom...

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Top 5 Facts about the Deaflympics


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PM Malcolm Turnbull interviews Tony Abrahams – CEO of Ai-Media