- Hi!

- Hello!

- Welcome.

- Welcome, Deaf World. Let’s start. My name is Pedro.

- My name is Raymond. This goes out to all of Facebook fans and people all over. Just to let you know, this vlog focuses on PS4. Let me explain what this is. This is for the Deaf gaming community. Please notify the crowd, be motivated, be aggressive because we are a small clan, meaning the group in the game. So I noticed when I watch hearing people play, they are so successful. There are 6 kinds of online connections: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Twitch, and MLG. What is MLG?

- MLG is Major League Gaming. These are professionals talking through headsets and they have different professional equipment with their own global streaming platform.

- There’s a whole list of different clans. I look at this list and wonder, ‘What about our Deaf community?’ It’s small, that’s why. So I’m thinking maybe we should encourage all of you - CODA, Deaf, Hard of Hearing, all of you in school - high school, Gallaudet, RIT, college, and universities... So notify everyone to make this clan. You, your friends, state, school, in different groups. In the group, we will talk about what kind of name fits best. All these little groups that you’ve created, we will collaborate as one big group - the Deaf community. We will grow and expand. Eventually, we will be at the same level as hearing groups. The Deaf and hearing will be seen as equals in this gaming world. That’s why we encourage all of your groups to be more than 20 or 30 people. The point of all this is that we want you guys to enjoy yourselves and be motivated when you play because you guys enjoy your hobby. I understand you guys have your own lives - work, school, family… I understand. Aside from those, this hobby is only for people to enjoy if you have time. Next, what is the story behind EDGz?

- This is a short story. What does EDGz mean? Elite Deaf GamerZ.

- Yes, that’s how we got EDGz. Raymond and I are the company leaders. We make team apparel. We were started in 2009, but really got established around 2011-2012, not sure the exact year. Anyways, COD, what’s that?

- Call of Duty World War II. Today.

- Right. Before, COD was based in the future. I didn’t like it that much, so I put that on hold. Plus, some people in my team would leave or drop out, kind of hard to accept, but I respected their decision. They need to be happy with the game, which I get and fully respect. Then he came to me talking about WWII and I was like finally I found someone! I would ask around and no one was able to commit to the team, so I would play on smaller teams, and I had to stay humble about it because that’s all I had, but I would keep asking around and I was ready to give up, when finally things turned around. Some more people started joining. They weren’t seasoned players - most were pretty new, but we got about 20 members and that was good enough. It was perfect. So now, our goal is to have a Deaf Clan Battle, also known as DCB, and M-A-Z-Z-I...??


- That one!

- Yeah, they support collaboration.

- Yes, but the two groups are different. They are not the same clan - completely separate. So yeah, I am in DCB. I really look forward to the game. I get excited about just the enjoyment. And DCB will have their own vlog. You all can watch that too, I will provide the link, don’t worry, and you all can see the gaming. The clans involved are: MBFA, ELKO, DR8T, D3AF, iFnE, DeFA, and we’re the 7th (EDGz). So, really, it’s a small number of us involved. Our goal is to really expand. Pull people into our group and just have fun. Remember only for PS4. Trying to keep focus on that. Maybe later we will turn to Xbox, maybe, but no guarantee. And PC we can discuss. But, don’t worry, we can discuss that further later on. Don’t worry, it will be soon! Thank you! Now, let’s talk about this! It’s a bad-ass design, right?! One of our friends designed the logo for us for the shirts and hats! It’s sick! We will have more things to come, but we need your support!

- Thank you everyone for tuning in to EDGz, and checking out our page. It’s great having your feedback and open communication with each other. We are here to help, if you want to have interviews with us, or have questions, please reach out. Please join us when we go LIVE. We want to make gaming a sweet experience for you! Thank you, everyone.

- Exactly!

- That wraps it up for us. Thank you!

- Thank you! Please continue to support EDGz!

- Bye!

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