University of Melbourne and Ai-Media enter five year global agreement to further develop breakthrough Visible Classroom products.

The University of Melbourne and education technology innovator Ai-Media today announced a five-year global partnership covering research and commercialisation of their breakthrough suite of Visible Classroom products that improve teaching practice and student learning.

The partnership harnesses the best of academic and industry collaboration, combining pioneering technology and proven education pedagogy to develop the largest evidence base of teaching practice data in the world. The data will drive the enhancement of policy and practice in teaching effectiveness, and provide a tailored and supportive pathway for individual teachers.

This partnership follows the release of a successful evaluation report into Visible Classroom from the UK Government-funded Education Endowment Foundation.

Visible Classroom is built around Ai-Media's speech-to-text technology platform, which converts lesson dialogue into live captions. The data stream provides teachers with transcripts and analytics from their lessons as well as tailored feedback to help drive change in teacher practice.

The Education Endowment Foundation report said: "All teachers enjoyed receiving their personalised data and seeing it set within the wider context of good teaching practice. They all felt they benefited greatly from seeing their performance in relation to others and they hugely appreciated the tailored advice within the reports."

University of Melbourne Lead Researcher Associate Professor Janet Clinton said: “Visible Classroom's objective dataset is changing our perspectives of not only teaching practice, but also teaching effectiveness. Our open global dataset will be a powerful tool in shaping future educational reforms.”

Ai-Media CEO Tony Abrahams said that "a profoundly important question in the 21st century is ‘how do we ensure every individual gets the best possible education?’ Over the next five years we will drive data-driven insights, tailored to individual circumstances, that will positively impact teaching and learning all over the world."

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