Video Transcript: An injured dog's second chance at life

TEXT: Nobody wanted him. He was broken. A burden. Except for one friend who have him a “Chance.”

- Chance was actually hit by a car and was left on the side of the road for dead. San Antonio Pets Alive! they saved him right before he was going to be euthanized. They gave him a chance. So then that's where they came up with the name Chance.

- My husband psyched me up to get him because nobody's going to love him like we're going to love him.

- I deal with the same struggles that he deals with. Man, he's like my best friend. We do everything together. When he's in a chair and we're running together down the street, he feels free. It's easy for us to relate. Initially with him being in a wheelchair I just thought that was kind of the coolest thing that they offer that for animals. I knew his struggles as well as mine, and I knew that we could overcome those obstacles together. Chance is extremely active. He can't jump like all the other dogs but I don't hold him back. I mean he'll still try to jump on the couch, he'll leap off the back porch into the grass.

- Michael always looks on the brighter side of everything. Chance is absolutely the same way. He follows him in whatever he does.

- The difference Chance makes in my life is the happiness and the courage to know that there isn't anything that anybody can't do.

- It's so nice to come home and he's running at you at the door. He's going so fast his butt's sliding into the wall. A dog that doesn't let anything get him down, it makes you appreciate life.

- He kind of takes after me, I guess. He just knows that we have no restrictions, and there isn't anything that we can't do.

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