Video Transcript: Bringing sign language into children's books.

JEN BLYTH: Hi, I’m Jen. My friend Kerrie and I realised that there aren’t many books for deaf people, deaf children, deaf families or families who are interested in Auslan. We are mothers ourselves, we like reading and grew up reading, so we decided we wanted to provide deaf role models to our children and many other children. So we decided to write children’s books.

The first book is about going to the zoo, the main character is a little girl who is deaf. But the story isn't about the girl being deaf, but instead about a deaf girl who goes to the zoo. The book has Auslan on one page, and an illustration on the opposite page with English words underneath it. This book has Auslan in its proper grammar, and the same for English, which mean this book is a wholly bilingual book. The little girl signs in the book, and you can see her hearing aid in one or two of the illustrations.

We have finished the illustrations and the designs. But we have not yet printed this book. We reached a small hurdle, so we decided to run a crowdfunding campaign to help us publish. We have opened a campaign on to help us reach our goals. We have committed to printing the book regardless of whether we reach our financial goal. We look forward to receiving your support and suggestions. If you have any suggestions on how this book could be better, please let us know! We believe this book uses standard Auslan with some southern dialect signs. This should be understood by everyone who uses Auslan.

So, come and have a look at the campaign and support us if you want. I also want to thank all those people who have supported myself and Kerrie so far on this project, and our children who played together while we worked on this project. Bye!


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