Video Transcript: Deaf culture featured in new web series

BREE K JONES: Hi! Who am I? My name is Bree K. Jones. You might not remember me, because I'm always changing my hair. The first time I was here, I discussed my involvement in the Deaf community. The second time I was here, I talked about the misconceptions I had before being involved with the Deaf community. The third time, I was with my friend and Deaf actor Jhn... Wait, Jh... Wait, sorry, John Autry. Why am I here now? First, thank you Ai-Media for having me again. I'm here to explain and talk about my new web-series "I Hear You". It's about five friends. They don't start off as friends, but they become friends after doing a class project. Three of the characters are Deaf and two of the characters are hearing. The five are trying to figure out how to communicate with one another. Deaf culture is different from hearing culture... Right? As a result, there's frequent conflict between the five friends. They are constantly trying to figure out how they can still be friends even if they don't agree with each other. Sometimes there won't always be a right answer. Sometimes they'll just have to respect it and say "Okay, I don't agree and I don't understand, but I respect it and we can still be friends." That's important.

Also, I wanted to do this show because I'm passionate about Deaf culture. It's a beautiful culture, beautiful language, and the list goes on... It really breaks my heart when... People mistreat Deaf people. But at the same time, I understand why people do. Most hearing people are clueless about Deaf culture. So, if they don't know, how can they change? They can't, right? It's the same thing for Deaf culture too. There's few things that the Deaf culture doesn't know about the hearing community... And that's okay. There's many things that both Deaf people and hearing people don't know about one another... So now what? We need to figure out how we can move forward! I'm passionate about making change. I want to support! I love supporting the Deaf community!

My ultimate goal is for the world to see Deaf people how I see them... As people. So, I hope to make change, I hope to start a culture shift, and I hope you enjoy it. If you're wondering, "How can I find this web series? "It sounds great and I want to support it". You can find it on YouTube. The link is: When you find it, subscribe! After you subscribe, turn your post notifications on. Thank you for your support... And... Yeah! It's time for Deaf people to be seen all over! If you agree with that, then subscribe, share it with other people, and let's see more Deaf talent! Bye! Thank you! 

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