Video Transcript: Deaf joke inspires great Super Bowl commercial.

(Music plays)

SHERI CHRISTIANSON: We live in a hearing world, where Deaf people have to operate within that hearing world. In this ad, what we've done is kind of reverse the roles. It's a Deaf world and we've included the hearing world.

CLAY BROUSSARD: Bob's House is based on a joke in Deaf culture. So we thought, "This really shows PepsiCo values, and it shows people of different abilities." So it matches everything that we're interested in in PepsiCo, and everything we're interested in in EnAble.

DARREN THERRIAULT: Deaf joke can be shared with all variety of people.

CLAY BROUSSARD: It shows that PepsiCo does better by doing better, if we do these kinds of things.

BRIAN DOWLING: Well, I've never seen any Deaf commercials until PepsiCo has done this. And to be involved with something like this, you never know, in the future, maybe there'll be more Deaf commercials.

BAKER SMITH: I think Pepsi's completely innovative for trying something like this, and particularly for a Super Bowl ad, where it's going to be a cacophony of noises and sounds and a barrage of images.

BOBBY BETH SCOGGINS: The Deaf community members, they'll be sitting back falling out of their chairs going, "Sign language! On TV?!"

CLAY BROUSSARD: We want to do performance with purpose. We have all kinds of people in the community that we want to reach out to.

BRIAN DOWLING: It's the first time I've ever been involved with acting, and wow, it's great to be a part of this commercial. 

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