Video Transcript: Don't let anyone tell you it's impossible

STEPHANIE: Hello. My name is Stephanie Roberts, this is my name sign. What's this vlog about? I want to let you know about "Deaf Fit". What's that? Deaf people are always fitting in with everything, but hearing people sometimes think that it's impossible for Deaf people to fit in. Wow, that's so separating... No, I can mix with both hearing and Deaf people. Why? When I was growing up, I had experience being around hearing people, going to a mainstream school, I have a hearing family, and lots of other experience. My family were confused and felt it was impossible for Deaf people to be able to do anything. They seemed to think Deaf people couldn't do some things. That feels so negative... Wow... It's not right... We can do it. If you want to become a vet, a model, dancer... Or any other job you want... Don't listen to hearing people who say, "You can't! You can't!" Just ignore that. Ignore it. You can go to a Deaf college. Or you can go to a hearing college. Whatever you decide. Make yourself happy. Don't give up on your dream! You are your decision. The world will understand and say, "Oh right, yes, Deaf people can do it."

Anyway, people may think or feel they can't believe in you. But others believe in you, and I do too! Deaf can do it! Everything. Music? I don't care! Yes, you can! You can take care of doing it, and you can do it! Make yourself happy! Ignore hearing people, who think it's impossible. If you have friends or family who are hearing and support you, I really respect them. But for hearing people who make you feel like it's impossible, just ignore it. We are proud to be Deaf. Also let there be togetherness of Deaf, hearing, hard of hearing, blind, and all people... No matter their race... Age... Skin color and anything about who people are! We want that. Let it go! Let it go... We can do it!

Some hearing people feel they're better than Deaf people. It's not true! Deaf people can do it! We can do it! I know you can do it! "I can't, I can't!" Not can't, you can! Be free! Go! Never give up on your dream and continue on until you achieve it. Your dream. That's how to succeed! It's your choice! Don't let hearing people make you feel it's impossible! For those who really support you, you have my respect! I respect you! Don't ignore them. I hope there are more hearing, deaf, blind and many other people who know you can do it! Don't be afraid! You... We are brave. I am brave, too! I know you are too. I really love the world! It's amazing to know you can! I love you!

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