Video Transcript: Meet Mac, the 10-year-old Deaf tap dancer

MAC: Hi! My name is Mac, and I'm Deaf.

SARAH: My name is Sarah...

MAC: Last year, I decided to take up tap dancing after seeing Dancing With The Stars.

SARAH: His sister is a dancer, so her teacher and I discussed Mac learning tap dancing. She was very excited about the opportunity. As soon as he began, it was clear that he had a natural talent.

MAC: My sister and I practice tapping on a piece of plywood.

SARAH: Your practice is extremely loud!

MAC: I know because I can hear it a little. For my first dance recital, I was a train conductor. In my next performance, I'll be in an army costume.

SARAH: How do you learn the movements?

MAC: There is a wall of mirrors.

SARAH: Is tap fun?

MAC: Yes. Sometimes, it can be difficult. But Deaf can!

HANNAH: My name is Hannah. Mac and I practice together. He is awesome!

MAC: I'm better than you.

HANNAH: Whatever...

BOTH: Bye!

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