Video Transcript: Video game featuring sign language out now

TEXT: Moss, the virtual reality game featuring sign language, has now been released. The game's hero, Quill, uses sign language to communicate.

QUILL: (in ASL) I recall this place...

Thank you, my friend.

I'm not sure...

Thank you.

TEXT: We first met Quill a year ago...

QUILL: (in ASL) It's a pleasure to meet you. My name is Quill.

TEXT: Quill interacts with you during the game to help you solve puzzles. Her communication was originally limited to squeaks and pantomimes. The animator thought it would be cool to add sign language. A day later, he'd made this animation and posted it on Twitter for feedback. He was expecting a few likes. He got over 30,000. Now it's our turn to join the adventure.

QUILL: (in ASL) It's a pleasure to meet you. My name is Quill.

TEXT: We're pleased to meet you too, Quill.

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