Video Transcript: When Fonzie signs, you know it's cool

FONZIE: You... are very special. Yeah, you're welcome. Alright, now this part is a little harder here. Ah... right. Most of the time, I date a lot of girls, and I'm talking a lot of girls.


From now on, you are uno in my heart.


TEXT: Actor, Henry Winkler, is no stranger to disability. His dyslexia went undiagnosed for 31 years.

HENRY WINKLER: I was not good in math, in English, in spelling, in history. I was great at lunch. The Head Teacher of my school said, Dr Chamberlain, he said, "Winkler, I want to know why you're not achieving." I said, "Hey! That makes two of us, cause I'd like to know too. I'm trying."

TEXT: In 2003, Winkler published a children's book about a 4th grader, Hank Zipzer. Hank is the "world's greatest underachiever." He's also dyslexic. Winkler has since written 19 books.

HENRY WINKLER: Every single one of you has got greatness inside of you. And you job is to to figure out what that is and give it to the world as a gift.

TEXT: That's cool.

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