Ai-Media's live captioning service for university students, Ai-Live, is a powerful accessibility tool. As long as students have a mobile device like a smartphone, tablet or laptop, and an internet connection, they're all set to go.

Everything that the lecturer says is included in the live captions and streamed to the student's device in real time, which allows them to keep up with the lecture.

A full transcript of the live captions is also made available after the session, which means deaf students have complete notes to take home so that they can revise or supplement their studies. The captions and transcripts are especially beneficial when an exam or test is around the corner. 


How does it work?

For the student and their support team, using Ai-Live is as simple as one, two, three.

Captioning diagram, with audience, speaker and captioner
  1. Audio to remote captioner
  2. Remote captioner captions the audio
  3. Text to user within five seconds

Behind the scenes, however, there's a lot more going on than you might think!


Once our remote captioner has connected to the audio from the lecture room, they repeat the lecturer's words - as well as punctuation and formatting commands - into speech recognition software specially trained to their voice, which transforms their speech into text.


This text is then streamed in real time to the student's screen via a unique and secure web page. You can see it in action in our short video below.


What are the benefits of Ai-Live?

Ai-Live stores all lecture transcripts so students can easily find them on their simple, user-friendly dashboard when they have assignments or exams.


The accuracy of the captioning is second to none. That's why Ai-Media have been setting new benchmarks in captioning quality over and over again.


Students and Student Support staff can contact our dedicated 24/7 customer service and support team whenever they need, and Ai-Live's live-chat function allows students to chat directly with the live captioner in real-time.


Add words to your Ai-Live dictionary to give your captioner advance notice of course content or tricky words that may come up in the session.


transcript_devices-black ipad

Ai-Live-transcript-portal on open laptop-silver

Should your students use Ai-Live?

Yes! If you are supporting students with disabilities at your university, Ai-Live could be the tool that gives them access to their lecture content. Being able to keep track of lecture notes and revising them any time is essential for all students, and many universities across Australia, the UK and the US are using Ai-Live. Let us do the live captioning so your students can concentrate on their studies.



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