SETH LIGHT: You know, there are certain people that have a tendency to be negative, obsessed, or to retaliate. You may look down on and judge those people - but please remember that maybe those people come from a different background... There could be a logical explanation for them being that way... It could be from how their parents raised them, their friendships, their childhood, painful experiences, people who bullied them, a lack of love and support...

The list goes on and on. Really, it is not your position to judge them. You also could come from a different background too, so you might have a hard time understanding other people. The best thing is to be there for them, support them, listen to them... They might not even want to talk about it. That's fine, that's OK. Just make sure they know you're there for them, you could give them helpful advice, help them out. Putting them down, cutting them down, and getting them out of your life... That will only make things worse for those people. But then again, yes, those people may be stuck in their loop, it might be difficult for them to change their ways... That's their struggle, yes. It's not your responsibility to change them... Only they can change themselves...

Even so, positivity is still powerful. It is possible to help them change their life by encouraging them to be positive. Think twice. The Deaf community is already small, we should just cherish each other.

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