The workflow of today's professionals has become more complicated and online; with audio transcription rising in demand.  Whether you're a doctor, lawyer, or journalist it's crucial to find the best possible transcripts service that meets your needs.

Key qualities that you should look for when choosing a transcription service should include:

  1. Speed of delivery
  2. Accuracy of the transcript
  3. Visible and trustworthy prices
  4. Reliable service
  5. Simple service journey


These priorities can be the deciding factor behind choosing an online transcription service. Here, we'll cover these points in detail and compare the performance of


Delivery Speed

Depending on the size of an audio/ or video file, transcripts can take up to a few hours, days or even weeks. Sometimes time is not on our side, and getting transcripts ASAP is ideal. Pretty much any online service will charge additional rushing fees to have files delivered under 24 hours of purchase; price ranging from $1.50-$3.00 per minute of audio. The standard rate of return for all files under 2 hours, is 24 hours. Anything greater than this will take a maximum of 96 hours to produce. This is all under our $1 minute price guarantee for any size file. Remember, with your first 10 minutes of audio are transcribed free of charge!


But what if I need my transcript ASAP? has you covered with their express delivery service, for an additional $1 a minute. The table below shows the average turn around time compared to the express delivery system:


Three column pricing matrix with 24-96 hours


Accuracy guarantee

When looking for a good transcription service, it may be tempting to go for a cheap text-speech detector or automated voice recognition software. This method is very inaccurate, and prone to low quality transcripts that read like gibberish. Accents, multiple speakers, or background noise all play a part in determining quality. To counter this, the best quality services employ real humans to hear, play-back, and edit the transcripts to ensure accurate, quality transcripts. Accuracy is one of the three major promises to our customers , $1 per minute, 24hr average delivery time, and 99% accurate guaranteed. Thanks to our team of dedicated transcribers, can create, proof-read, and edit out any imperfections, mistakes, or unnecessary text based on customer feedback. 



Fees and Pricing

Pricing online can be a tricky, and even devious thing to figure out. Some services hide additional fees whether it's for delivery, multiple speakers, accents, or file size. So don't let low rates of a few cents per minute fool you, additional fees add up to a more expensive transcript. Standard fees typically relate to: 


  • Verbatim fees: Includes all spoken words (including um/ ah)
  • Nonverbal communication: Such as 'music', background noise etc. 
  • Timestamps: A stamp of when the word was spoken during the audio file. keeps things simple and smooth as possible. For $1 per minute, you can convert any audio into text with no additional fees or price increases. For express delivery under 24 hours, we charge an additional $1 per minute. That's it. 
Checkout our transcript order forms and see how much your audio would cost today!

Reliable Service

Online services can vary when it comes to the quality and reliability of its services. If you run into a technical problem, or have specific queries about anything, services should be quick to respond and turn-over any issues. Additionally, the transcripts should be received on time without unexpected delays. Reading reviews/ online users views on the product also helps gauge the services reliability. users enjoy the peace of mind that their transcripts will arrive by the agreed upon time. If there are issues, has a team ready to guide you through any problems in a moments notice. 


If you do have questions, be sure to submit an enquiry via our contact form, here.


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For some, navigating an unfamiliar web page/ service is confusing, and adds unnecessary time and stress to the journey from purchase to delivery. Making sure that the service has a simple and understandable layout on their website is a good start. Along with this, easy to read and understand instructions for uploading, and receiving your transcripts helps a lot! is as simple as dragging and dropping a single file. Simply 'order now' on our website and drag your file into the transcript upload.

The GIF below shows how easy it can be.


Moving image of loading files to website


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