[vWhen you watch television and see captions appearing on screen as if by magic, you might be thinking, "Someone had to make those! Who typed out every word the actors on this show are saying? Is that someone's actual job? To watch TV all day?! How have they timed the captions to appear at the same time as the words are being spoken?"

We have the answers to those burning questions. Our Ai-Media captioners do indeed get to watch TV as their jobs, and they use incredible skill in language, grammar, punctuation and attention-to-detail to ensure every caption is accurate and perfectly timed to the audio track.

But how does it all work?

Let's take a look at our amazing captioners doing their magic.


Step 1: Captioning and Coordination


Celeste O'Hara - Captioning Coordinator Manager
Celeste O'Hara - Captioning Coordinator Manager


Celeste handles the captioning coordination. She makes sure that all the programs are captioned on time and with extreme accuracy. This process is highly critical and ensures that all deadlines are met so no programme is left inaccessible and without captions!


Blaise - Captioner


Our captioner Blaise hard at work. Our wonderful captioners produce captions for a very large volume of programs and movies. Our high quality standards ensure viewer satisfaction and complete information accessibility.


More captioners at work!



Step 2: Broadcasting


Coordinators at work!


Our coordinators monitor the live programs and make sure that they are being aired properly. They are the ultimate multi-taskers and keep an eye on every television station currently being captioned with a wall of screens above their workstation. They are also at the ready to answer our 24/7 helpdesk lines to provide support to our clients whenever needed.


make caps appear
Our Headquarters - where all the magic happens!



Next time you see captions on your television, spare a thought for the dedicated wizards making it all happen behind the curtain. There is an amazing team who captions national television, movies and TV shows around the clock to ensure everyone who needs captioning gets it on time and with exceptional quality.


Ai-Media provides the highest quality captionings in the industry. Take a look at our services here.

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